Post unrelated to ACROYOGA

I believe all of us hold onto traumas. Some of us have big ones that affect us in a strong way, some less. Most of these traumas occurred when we were young little chickens, and they stay with us unless we do something about it. _ For many years I was dysfunctional due to myהמשך לקרוא “Post unrelated to ACROYOGA”

Slow and Steady

I’ve been studying and practicing a concept called non-violent communication. Learning to communicate by seeing and referencing each other’s needs. I’ve been learning to apply it to my teaching, to my relationships, and, most importantly, to how I “speak to myself” in my own head 😌 __ As i’m learning Thai Massage in a courseהמשך לקרוא “Slow and Steady”


My happiness is very much defined not by others, but how I see the world within my thinking patterns 🎱 __ Let me give you an example: After one of my classes, one of my students comes over to me and says “you know, your classes are not my favorite because they are too easyהמשך לקרוא “SELF TALK IN ACROYOGA 🎤”

A race to become the best

Looking back to my acro journey it’s been quite an adventure. What started as a fun, dynamic, 2 person sport has shifted greatly 😌 — In the beginning I was in a race to become the best, to conquer the highest level skills I can, to make acro my life. — And then, with time,המשך לקרוא “A race to become the best”

I’d like you to meet Joe…

Sometimes I experience shame moments but other times I feel important and full. Sometimes I’m sad. Sometimes I’m genuinely happy. Other times I’m not sure what I feel. Sometimes my heart is closed and I don’t want to see or be seen. Other times I experience open-heartedness and feel love for people around me. __המשך לקרוא “I’d like you to meet Joe…”

People’s Words

Let’s face a fact of the world: people have a lot to say, and people’s words can cause us emotional pain. __ As we may not want to feel this pain, we may take certain actions (or inactions) to protect ourselves. __ Approach 1: Fight or Flight. FIGHT Examples of this: -Share only less personal/sensitiveהמשך לקרוא “People’s Words”

Let’s talk about money

I am creating a shift within myself as we speak, and the intent is to try and only collect “clean money” from people.   What do I mean by “clean money” 💰? Hang on for the ride and ill explain. __ Do you ever experience awkwardness receiving or paying money? Do you ever wonder whereהמשך לקרוא “Let’s talk about money”