A race to become the best

Looking back to my acro journey it’s been quite an adventure. What started as a fun, dynamic, 2 person sport has shifted greatly 😌

In the beginning I was in a race to become the best, to conquer the highest level skills I can, to make acro my life.

And then, with time, I started to value other things even more. Healthy touch, connection, clean non violent communication, overcoming fears.

This has also shifted my focus in how I teach in my classes and workshops.

If I can go back and talk to the beginner Joe, I would tell him to keep following his heart. Play and do what feels right and what he can connect too. Choose the people to be around that allow his heart to stay open.

As I tell my students, I am just sharing with you my journey and technique. I recommend you take this all and make it your journey. Be curious. Change things around. Explore. Don’t let any teacher take away your power. Your acro practice is your acro practice.

Along my journey (and still today) I have many challenges.

Often in acro, I begin receiving messages from my body that it’s not comfortable and doesn’t want to be doing what I’m doing. And if I didn’t listen to the noises it would get louder and louder. I’ve learned over the years to listen to this earlier and take care of my physical and emotional needs ⛑

It also took my time learning to communicate in a healthy way. Asking for what I need in acro and what the other needs. Instead of blaming or telling the other what they are doing wrong.

For me acro is not just a sport, but a life journey. And many of the lessons I’ve gotten to practice and learn in acro are now a big part of the way I live overall.

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