Slow and Steady

I’ve been studying and practicing a concept called non-violent communication. Learning to communicate by seeing and referencing each other’s needs. I’ve been learning to apply it to my teaching, to my relationships, and, most importantly, to how I “speak to myself” in my own head 😌


As i’m learning Thai Massage in a course here in Tel Aviv, one of the concepts that keep coming up is that when we are going into or stretching a muscle, we do it slow. We listen to the body and see how it reacts. Then we can go in deeper. This also shows the other person that we are listening to their bodies needs. The same applies when we speak to people. Instead of saying (and thinking) “go clean your room”, we can choose to communicate are needs “it’s important to me that your room is clean, is that something you can do for me” or the others needs “It may benefit you to clean up ur room, then maybe the it’ll be easier to find your books” 🙏🏽


Lots of deep feelings and memories have been coming from up from childhood and this has been a challenging and rewarding process. When a voice in my head says “go do the dishes already!”, i try to reframe it as “it would be nice to have the dishes done as it will encourage you to cook more”. It’s also important for me to understand the voices are not ME, they are MY STORY 📕


Acro and touch both have the same concept: No matter what I’m doing, its important that I take into account both mine and my partners needs. My needs are important, and I will continue to make sure they are met. My partners needs are important and I will do my best to make sure they are met.There is no such things are compromising on my needs, only choosing to allow a “a more important” need to be met.

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