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אקרו יוגה זה לא עוד ספורט. זה תרגול שמעמיד אותנו בפני אתגרים חברתיים, אישיים וגופניים. כאן אני חולק את המחשבות והרגשות שליווי אותי במסע ההתפתחות האישית של עולם האקרו יוגה.


Flyers are pretty much our biggest feedback as bases to know when we are doing things good or less good 🫁 __ As bases we

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Slow and Steady

I’ve been studying and practicing a concept called non-violent communication. Learning to communicate by seeing and referencing each other’s needs. I’ve been learning to apply

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A race to become the best

Looking back to my acro journey it’s been quite an adventure. What started as a fun, dynamic, 2 person sport has shifted greatly 😌 —

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I’d like you to meet Joe…

Sometimes I experience shame moments but other times I feel important and full. Sometimes I’m sad. Sometimes I’m genuinely happy. Other times I’m not sure

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