Open Your Heart

I surround myself with people that are open for deep connection, connect to movement, and long for growth in how we can transform ourselves and the world around us to a more loving, connected place 🥰
This past weekend i participated in an EVENT called the EXPERIMENT where a bunch of us ARTISTS got together and tested our NEWEST ideas on each other for FEEDBACK in our journey 🧚🏼‍♀️
Firstly, just being around people that are so full of love, openness, desire to connect deeply, deeply passionate about their journey – was inspiring for me! I left on a BIG HIGH, a really big high, that is still passing through me. And also the amount of inspiration I received for my own projects of combining acro and non violent communication together.
This very much reminded me of my experience at the MIDBURN (Burning Man in the Isreal Desert), the people I was around I went so much love and openness towards, and we created this beautiful work together led by @dvirrozen

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