“Your presence is the most precious gift you can offer to another human being”

-Marshall B Rosenberg 🦒


Let’s discuss this:

Q#1, Why is “presence” the most precious gift”?

Q#2. What does it mean to be “present”?

Q#3. What are ways to become more “present”?


Q#1: Why is our “presence” the most precious gift we can offer?

A: Our pure presence has healing powers. When someone is experiencing happy or sad emotions and you are there with them, that is healing. This also allows the other person to be able to reflect and work through what they are experiencing. Our pure presence allows intimacy to occur; the sensation of both of us allowing ourselves to be seen to another – together.


It’s important to not mistake EMPATHY with SYMPATHY. As soon as we tell the other person :how sad we feel that they feel this way”, we turn the camera lens onto ourselves. Which can be helpful too! BUT is most helpful only once we’ve finished giving the person the EMPATHY they need.


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