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אקרו יוגה זה לא עוד ספורט. זה תרגול שמעמיד אותנו בפני אתגרים חברתיים, אישיים וגופניים. כאן אני חולק את המחשבות והרגשות שליווי אותי במסע ההתפתחות האישית של עולם האקרו יוגה.


How I (try to) give and receive appreciation?! 🙏 __ When I RECEIVE appreciation, I can take into my heart the reality that I can

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People’s Words

Let's face a fact of the world: people have a lot to say, and people’s words can cause us emotional pain. __ As we may

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Upside Down

Upside down…. 👓 __ I can choose to put on a pair of glasses to see the world differently. Instead of seeing people as “good

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"Your presence is the most precious gift you can offer to another human being” -Marshall B Rosenberg __ Let’s discuss this: Q#1, Why is “presence”

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Open Your Heart

I surround myself with people that are open for deep connection, connect to movement, and long for growth in how we can transform ourselves and

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